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Our Profile



K4 General Trading & Contracting Co (K4) is a limited liability company under the ownership of Abdul Wahab A. Al-Marzouq & Brothers. The company was incorporated in 1989 and function under the leadership of Managing Director, Mr. Abdul Wahab A. Al- Marzouq. Our group has for major business division Viz. Trading, Industrial, Marine, Logistic, Projects and Engineering Division Each of these divisions contribute significantly to overall progress for the year.

Our prime division shows a constant growth in sales with quality products, quality service and result oriented sales and marketing staff.

Industrial production and manufacturer capacity utilization indices, remains healthy and customer demand is likely to provide us further growth opportunities.  To benefit from this strength, K4 added three more divisions to its operation during this period.

We are also focused on the specialty markets component of our business and we continue to invest in trained personnel, tailored inventory and business infrastructure. Niche markets such as automotive body & equipment, Industrial products, marine, and tools & equipment offer us many growth opportunities for our trading division. The overall growth in energy, oil & gas and industrial segment offers immense potential for our logistic engineering and projects divisions.


Mile Stones

1989 – Young Kuwaiti friends, passionate about cars and determined to import the latest technologies to improve the car repair process in Kuwait, have decided to start an automotive aftermarket supplier business.

Out of their passion, dedication and belief…    K4 General Trading & Contracting was born…          

  1992 – The company was the first to implement 3M Dry Sanding technology with Rupes tools, for car dealers workshops as the main market.

With the intensive training program implemented, K4 had succeeded to start switching end users to dry sanding in spite of the big resistance of the technicians at that time.

1994 – Central Dust Extraction System

To provide a full solution K4 implemented the Central dust extraction system and started a workshop for after sales service and repair of the tools.

1996 – Chassis Repair & Alignment

  Step by step we put into operation tools and garage equipment including Chassis Alignment  System from Car-O-Liner Sweden.

2000– Paint Booth Supply and service

Start Supplying and service Paint Booths along with roof and ground filters, first installation was successfully accomplished in the year 2000.

2002, 2003

   The range was completed with gun cleaning machines, Baking IR lights… the focus was on    technical support and trainings.

2004 –  Participate in the upgrade of Several body shops:

Supply & Install new paint booths.

Supply and install Chassis aligners.

Supply and Install Welding equipments.

Supply and Install Central vacuum system.

2005 – Smoke Extraction System introduced

Upgrade Mechanical Workshops with a smoke extraction system.

2006 – Oil Distribution System with Computerized Monitoring.


Successfully  supplied and installed complete equipments for Yusuf Ahmad al Ghanim Body shop including:

8 Paint booths, Paint mixing rooms, Preparation areas with lift and IR curing system, Gun cleaning system with Solvent recycler, Central vacuum system, Chassis alignment tools and software and Welding systems.

Establish Industrial Division – Start supplying 3M industrial abrasives, adhesives and tapes, including VHB (Very High Bonding) structural and glazing tapes, in addition to some industrial equipments. 

Establish Architectural Services workshop – In response to our customers needs and demand, a workshop for Aluminum works, external and internal cladding was established.


2009 – A program for Auto dealer Profit & Customer Satisfaction

During the recession in 2009 K4 was the first company providing the car dealers by alternative products and services to increase their income  in order to overcome their financial constraints.

The program is to implement in house Detailing, Window tinting and paint protection film application, supported with technical support and after sales services.

2010 – Upgrade Operation Structure

Major changes in the company management and operation structure to assure better service to our customers.


Participation in ICEBO 2010

October 2010 K4 participated in the 10th  International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations in the Middle East (ICEBO 2010) that occurred in Kuwait and where we have noticed the market needs to enhance the energy savings in the buildings and consequently we started to import a variety of renewable energy and green products to the construction market.


Implement GREEN Strategy

In line with the government guidelines of energy saving K4 started to focus on a green strategy consisting of importing and implementing the latest energy efficient and environmental friendly products such as Solar films, Water born automotive paint and Blue air technology for the paint booth.

2011 – K4 is ISO Certified

2012 – Implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Software with CRM

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