Jacks & Lifts

Jacks & Lifts


Provides perfect synchronization between carriages regardless of load distribution. Equipped with safety valve to prevent overloading and in case of hydraulic pipe fracture. It comes with Self-controlled lowering speed and Mechanical safety latch with automatic engagement ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing position. Each column features a maintenance-free lifting cylinder. Synchronization cables grant the levelling of the two carriages.


The integrated wheel-free jack enables the entire vehicle (car) to be lifted free with all four wheels. For wheel alignment, detent system for placing in the safety detents.
Rear swinging plates and recesses with 6 insert plates for rotating plates allow a very flexible application range from small to large wheelbase.
The total of 8 strong hydraulic cylinders in conjunction with the rocker arm system ensure quick and easy lifting, even under high loads.