Design & Services

Design & Services

K4 in its quest for excellence values the customer and the services. As a result, the company ensures that all the work related to any project is all done in house. Right from concept, to design to manufacture is handled within the company. Not only that, it then provides one of the best after sales services in the country.

A complete approach treatment is given to any project in the sense that clients see their project take birth and go through the whole process right up to the final realization – all this with complete professionalism, aided by valuable concepts and unique ideas under one roof.

Preliminary Considerations

  • Your Concept

When the enquiry is made, we believe it is at this point that the concept or idea must be realized. We will work hard to understand the application and the anticipated product required by the client.

  • Your Budget

We understand that each project has a specific budget. We pride ourselves on being able to offer fantastic solutions to suit all budgets.

  • Our Support

We will meet with the project manager to further develop our task and to clarify any queries that may arise. At this time, any restrictions or limitations ought to be expressed by both parties. As appropriate we are available to meet with the end client and present examples of our work in order to illuminate the particular type of craft we undertake.

Transitional Phase

  • Physical Representation of the Design.

Once the application and the other factors have been established, we will provide a detailed and professional drawing and design of the finished product along with a sample whenever required. We will work with the client, consultant or contractor to make certain that the proposed product is correct in every detail.

  • Attending the Site.

We will visit the site and study the proposed area to further clarify the requirements for the product. At this stage, preliminary measurements can be made for pricing and to establish a suitable delivery time.

 The Completed Product

  • Prompt Delivery

Upon the order being placed, a delivery date to site will be confirmed. At this time, we will also arrange any other requirements relating to the delivery of your product for instance, any fixings or finishes. The production facility which includes state of the art technology to produce high quality products and erection of the same with the installation team fully equipped with skilled workers, trucks and cranes ensuring quality and safety standards at all times.

  • Installation

K4 will arrange site measurements or will liaise with the clients installers to obtain the finished product dimensions.

  • Our After Sales Service

To ensure that you remain happy with your product, we are always available to offer support or assistance. Warranty periods are established for the jobs, and all maintenance calls are attended to within 24 hours, if covered under warranty.

Quality and service are the buzzwords in K4, and it goes a long way to ensure it remains like that.

At K4 we will offer total solutions for all concepts and applications and are always ready to assist you.


K4 General Trading & Contracting Co (K4) is a limited liability company under the ownership of Abdul Wahab A. Al-Marzouq & Brothers.Al- Marzouq.


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